3 Blogs that Will Improve Your Leadership

In addition to reading articles on Developing Your Team, you can check out great content at the sites listed below.  These are sites that I regularly read and subscribe to and wanted to share them with you as I’ve enjoyed the perspectives and ideas gained from these sites and think that you will too.


Business Leadership

Michael Hyatt. Michael Hyatt is a former CEO and Chairman of a book publishing company whose site focuses on business leadership, personal productivity, and personal growth.  Michael’s goal is to help you win at work and succeed at life.  Michael’s content is extremely insightful and highly recommended.  After benefitting from his content, I subscribed to Michael’s blog and podcast on iTunes ( the first podcast I subscribed to). I found Michael’s site through the next site.


Military Leadership

The Military Leader.  The Military Leader was the first blog site I subscribed to. It is hosted by an active duty Army officer who is a friend of mine. The Military Leader focuses on leadership from a military perspective as the title indicates, and aspires to helps leaders grow themselves and their team. The site not only has great content but has several guest authors who contribute to the site for varying perspective. This is a great site for leaders in the military.


Family Leadership

Mark Merrill.  Mark Merrill is an author (All-Pro Dad), former NFL player, husband, and father, whose site focuses leadership at home. This site has great articles on marriage, fatherhood, and leadership. I recommend this site to husbands and fathers. Mark’s wife Susan has a similar site for wives and mothers called iMom.com.


The original list had a few more sites, but we wanted to provide you with a select few that are the best. Based on your feedback, we can add more in the future.  Feel free to check them out. You won’t be disappointed.


Question: What leadership sites or blogs do you recommend?


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