Battalion Command Lessons Guidebook

Lessons Learned over a Two Year Command

If you are you getting ready to take battalion command or you are already in command, then this command lessons learned guidebook is for you.

Battalion Command Lessons Learned


This product was put together by my friend Scott Shaw, who recently commanded 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry at 3rd Infantry Division.  He took the time to create this file to help current and future battalion commanders across the Army.



This 30-page document shares lessons learned from over two years of command and is broken down into easy-to-read sections:

  • The first 6 months
  • The first year
  • The second year of command

Scott also included new officer initial counseling, which he conducted either one-on-one in his office or during physical training. There is a section with LTC Shaw’s guidance to his field grade officers and company commanders.

If you read nothing else, please read these first few pages as they cover the most important and top 5 lessons learned in command.

You can review, download, and share this document with anyone who you think will benefit from it.  The worst lesson to learn is one that someone else learned earlier.

Thank you for sharing Scott!


Access the PDF by clicking the link below:

Battalion Command Lessons Learned


You can also find Battalion Command Lessons Learned on our resources page.


Question: What lessons have you learned in command?

Please reply in our comments section and share this post so that others may benefit.


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